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Have you ever noticed ...

... all of the "get rich quick" schemes that are out there?  All with that amazing story about the dead-broke person "discovering" the secret-squirrel path to wealth, power and influence.  Seems like you can't sling a dead cat without hitting someone who claims to have a fool-proof, sure-fire, can't-fail, ancient-secret, money-magnet way to make a huge pile of money on the internet without effort, time ... or anything else.  All you have to do is buy the course, the CD's, the books, the "program", ..., or whatever to hop on to the road to riches.

You've probably heard about them, maybe watched an infomercial here and there, maybe even heard about some of them from friends.  Free electricity.  Cars that run on water.  Amazing intimacy secrets.  How to instantly hypnotize anyone to instantly to follow your every command.  Multi-level marketing.  Chain letters.  Flipping houses.  Foreclosure properties.  Buy really, really cheap and sell for a bucket of money.  Other people's money.  Super-secret government grants and money give-aways.  Anyone can go from dead-broke to multi-millionaire ... overnight.  Make super-easy money while you sleep.  Work five hours a week and get paid for a hundred.  Selling useless junk to family and friends.  Recruiting your downside.  Turn the money-machine on and just let it run.  Just sit back and watch the money flow in.  The list goes on and on ... and on.

They ALL have just one thing in common:  they're all designed to separate you from your money.  Yup, it's all about making someone "rich" ... but, that someone isn't you.  If it truly was that easy and simple, don't you think that everyone would be doing it?

If your best friend was about to toss some hard-earned money at one of those silly schemes, you'd be first in line to say what a bad idea it'd be.

The reality is that you have to put in something (time, effort, possessions, property, etc) in order to get something in return (money, property, the expensive cars, a mansion or two, etc).  As the tried and true old saying goes: "There's no such thing as a free lunch."  True then ... true now.

Seriously.  Don't fall for any of the something-for-nothing "get rich quick" schemes.  

So, what's different about THIS website and what we're doing?  This is a real and honest way to make money.  You put in some time and effort, have some fun, and get paid for it.  No huge money investment up-front or along the way.  No inventory to buy or store.  Just a pretty easy and straight-forward way to earn some extra money.  No, this isn't about you becoming a multi-millionaire doing this.  You're NOT going to become wealthy by becoming a member of our bookclub.  This is NOT a "get rich quick" program.  It's also NOT about peeling your money away from you!  A little time and effort on your part ... and you earn some money.

What?  Join a bookclub??  Isn't that just for nerds?  Well, have you ever noticed that all the good ideas seem to come from nerds?  Have you also noticed that some of the highest paid, and wealthiest, people these days were once called nerds?  Which do you want: to think that joining a bookclub is for nerds ... or ... to make some extra money using Kindle?  Up to you.

When you join, you ALSO get a ready-to-publish book (".docx" document file plus ".jpg" book cover file).  You publish it ... in your name ... you own it ... you earn royalties on it.  No catches.  No gimmicks.

Are you wondering just WHY I (Cliff) created this website and started this bookclub?  Exactly WHAT experience do I bring to the table about publishing books on Kindle?  Well, honestly, "actions speak louder than words".  The best answer is:  "My publishing history".  I've listed my published books in the next section.  Over 150 books.  That's right, I've published OVER ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY books on KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).

And, I can help YOU publish your first KDP book in the next few days and start earning monthly royalties!

Interested?  Want to find out more?  Just click on  "General information and how to join the bookclub".   If you have questions, please feel free to send an e-mail.

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List (clickable) of Cliff's books:

Workbooks - .com website names into cryptograms (with solutions)
absolute,   adult,   alien,   amateur,   bible,   bikini,   bread,   brewery,   bridal,   bride,   cannabis,   catalog,   chicken,   classified,   clearance,   comedy,   cooking,   dessert,   discount,   editor,   enjoy,   escort,   fantasy,   freebie,   frog,   funny,   gadget,   gourmet,   hack,   hobby,   hypnosis,   indie,   invent,   joke,   karma,   kite,   kush,   laugh,   library,   luxury home,   marijuana,   marriage,   motorcycle,   naked,   neighbor,   novel,   package,   purple,   purpose,   question,   recipe,   robotic,   science fair,   student,   update,   webcam,   wedding,   wizard,   wholesale,   zombie,  

Cryptograms from easy to really challenging
(note:  a duplicated title keyword does NOT mean duplicated content)
100 percent,   1-800,   3d print,   abyss,   adventure,   aeroponic,   affiliate,   algebra,   algorithm,   amazing,   amuse,   amusement,   animal,   arduino,   auction,   baseball,   beer,   brew,   career,   challenge,   cheap,   cicada 3301,   coupon,   discount,   dollar,   doyle,   dumb questions,   entertain,   entertainment,   festival,   fishing,   gamer,   gaming,   geek,   german,   guitar,   guru,   hawaii,   how to,   journal,   justin,   leo,   lover,   money,   out door,   personal,   porn,   profit,   student,   virgin,  

Workbooks - The Old Testament
Genesis( WB#1,   WB#2,   WB#3,   WB#4,   WB#5 ),   Psalms( WB#1,   WB#2,   WB#3,   WB#4,   WB#5 ),   Proverbs( WB#1,   WB#2,   WB#3,   WB#4,   WB#5 ),  

Workbooks - The New Testament
Matthew( WB#1,   WB#2,   WB#3,   WB#4,   WB#5 ),   Mark( WB#1,   WB#2,   WB#3,   WB#4,   WB#5 ),   Luke( WB#1,   WB#2,   WB#3,   WB#4,   WB#5 ),   John( WB#1,   WB#2,   WB#3,   WB#4,   WB#5 ),   Acts( WB#1,   WB#2,   WB#3,   WB#4,   WB#5 ),   Revelation( WB#1,   WB#2,   WB#3,   WB#4,   WB#5 ),  

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Why in the world is this website called "Hamster Smut"?

Way, way back in the mid to late 80's, the COM TLD (commercial Top Level Domain) became available to the world.  It was pretty slow going at first ... the commercial/business world had not yet realized the future of the internet.  Domain name registration, altho free at the time, was a slow trickle.  

One of the common jokes was "Just wait until the porn world finds out.  Hamster smut dot com!"  Don't recall who, exactly, came up with the name "Hamster Smut," but it was funny ... and an inside joke for a while.  

Well, years later, we discovered that the name had been "abandoned" ... it wasn't currently registered!  So, we registered it to keep the joke alive.

Using the name is just one way to recognize the early internet developers and pioneers.

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